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July 16, 2016
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About Me

My love affair with makeup started when I was 13. I struggled with cystic acne and pale/red skin. I spent hours mixing and matching formulas and colors. I tried different techniques in an effort to mimic my friends’ flawless skin. Some worked and some didn’t it was all trial and error, but when I finally got it right, everything changed.

Makeup became magical to me. It had the power to turn a shy, self conscious girl, into a bold maverick, ready to take on anything that came her way. It allowed me the ability to show the world the way I saw myself, fun, outgoing, happy. All without the distraction of redness or acne. It gave me the ability to let my inner beauty shine outward.

Makeup gave me the power of confidence. I had discovered the ultimate form of self expression. It was exciting and electrifying and I knew I had to share this intoxicating feeling with others. Beauty became my passion and it was my mission to help others share their inner beauty with the rest of the world.

I wanted to learn from the experts, so I started my career at Sephora in skincare. I trained with top brands in the business. I learned skin physiology and the crucial role a proper skincare regimen played in creating a flawless makeup look. Any pro will tell you, “beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.”

Once I had the essential skincare education I moved into artisrty. This is where I had the privilege of training under national makeup artists and brand founders, some of which include Makeup Forever, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Kat Von D, Laura Mercier and countless others.

I learned cutting edge trends and classic techniques. My career has given me the opportunity to train with indusrty legends in some of the most amazing cities in the country. Experiences in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston, and NYC have taught me invaluable lessons I will carry with me throughout my entire career.

I had been blessed to work with such amazing people and learn so much I had to pay it forward. I made the career shift into education where I was able to coach and educate other artists the way my mentors had done for me. I have had the pleasure of working with so many talented individuals and it has been so rewarding to see them hone their skills, develop their own styles and become the amazing artists they are today.

Now I am taking my years of training and experience and giving back to the clients I love and the industry that has shaped me into the artist I am today. There is no feeling comparable to the confidence and power I am able to give a client during a session. It is such an incredible and rewarding experience to have the ability to be able to connect with a client and bring their vision to life in my chair.

Whether it’s wedding day glam, camera ready confidence, model moxie, or picture perfect perfection. I promise to always deliver a flawless complexion and a fabulous experience. There is no beauty like your inner light, thank you for letting me do what I love and let it shine outward.

From me to you, wishing you lots of Love, Laughs, and Lipstick.


Rachel Duncan