Airbrush Makeup: Why are we SO obsessed with you?

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February 12, 2016
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Airbrush Makeup: Why are we SO obsessed with you?

I just love airbrush makeup. I love how it feels, looks, blends and photographs. There are no rules to makeup and every artist will have their own style and use their own tools and that is what makes the beauty world so incredible and amazing! That being said let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Why airbrush? What’s the hype? And is it a wedding day “must-have.”

Airbrush makeup uses a system in which light-weight makeup is dropped into the top of an airbrush nozzle, which is connected to an air compressor. The air combines with the foundation and sprays out onto the skin in a light even mist. Based on the amount of air flow the level of coverage can be easily adjusted. The makeup used is custom blended by the artist to create an exact match to your skin tone. This makeup is light and allows the natural skin to show through, therefore, giving it a flawless, skin-like effect.

Clients also love that they don’t feel like they are wearing any makeup, which is not always the case with traditional formulas.

Artists love airbrush because it is so customizable. It can be used alone, or in cases where more color correcting or coverage is needed, used on top of traditional formulas. It blends seamlessly and adds a lovely dewy effect to the skin. It also allows for the perfect foundation match. The foundation color is custom blended for each and every client and bride.

When used with the correct primers and setting powders it can last all day, with minimal touch ups, which really makes it a bridal favorite.

Photographers love the way it photographs and looks outdoors and in natural light. It looks amazing on film and it gives a natural, flawless appearance.

Talk to your makeup artist, find out what works best for you, and remember to smile for the camera!