10 Holy Grail

Makeup/Skincare Products

I use at EVERY Wedding!



Hey Babes!

Today I’m sharing my makeup + skincare RIDE or DIES!

The beauty products I have on hand at EVERY SINGLE WEDDING…

So you KNOW we are talkin’ about the good stuff! 

1. Moisturizers: Prep, Hydrate, Glow!

This season I’ve had 3 rockstar moisturizers on rotation in my kit. The right moisturizer will leave your skin hydrated, dewy + ready for makeup. Here are the ones I’m loving..

Tatcha Water Cream- I LOVE Tatcha! This brand uses amazing ingredients to create high performance products that feel SO luxurious. It’s great on all skin types, but I prefer to use it on normal- oily. It’s pore-refining which means pores + texture appear smoother. I love it for clients + it’s my OWN daytime moisturizer, it’s just that good.

Mamonde Rose Water Gel Cream- This moisturizer was one of the BEST finds EVER. It smells absolutely heavenly. It’s infused with over 60% Damask Rose Water [damask rose is known for its hydrating + softening benefits]. It absorbs quickly with no heavy residue leaving the skin feeling plump, refreshed + dewy. It works beautifully on all skin types + the best part? It’s ONLY $26! Yup. Available at Ulta. You’re welcome. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream- GLOW GLOW GLOW. This luscious cream is INCREDIBLE on dry skin. It MELTS into the skin leaving pores, fine lines + wrinkles looking so much softer. Skin feels sooo smooth + looks absolutely radiant immediately after application. It’s full of anti-aging ingredients. It is a richer cream, so I don’t use it on my oily or sensitive clients. Dry babes ONLY on this one. It’s my kit splurge because it’s the priciest out of the 3, but a MUST to ensure my dry/ mature skin clients are properly prepped for an incredible makeup look.


2. Lip Prep- Dry Lips Are SO 2018

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask- THIS IS A GAME CHANGER. A little goes a long way, It soothes, hydrates + plumps cracked/dry lips. EVERYONE in my chair gets prepped with this magic jar. It’s full of vitamin C, antioxidants + a berry mix of raspberry, blueberry, strawberry + cranberry extracts which leave it smelling SUPER YUMMY. A mix of minerals + hyaluronic acid (helps retain moisture) create a protective film to keep your lips feeling hydrated, plumped + soothed. It’s marketed as an overnight mask (I do throw a layer on before bed) but I love this ANYTIME of day + absolutely recommend as a prep step before your fav lipstick or gloss.  


3. All About Those BROWS Baby

Anastasia Beverly Hills PRO Brow Palette– If I’m at a wedding or on-set for a photoshoot, I can PROMISE you, this palette is with me. It has EVER SINGLE BROW color ABH makes! Swoon. If you aren’t familiar with this brand, allow me to introduce you to the QUEEN of brows. These powders are SO pigmented, completely customizable + long wear. The kit comes with a clear wax you can use to groom + put unruly hairs in their place. You can buy refills for each color combo. This should be a STAPLE in any artists kit. For the every day girl just trying to get her brow glam on, I would reccommend any of these shades in their Brow Powder Duos.



Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes- My tried + true. My BABIES. These lashes feel SO light + look SO natural. I have these STOCKED at all times. They are INCREDIBLE. I have tried SOO many different brands, styles + these are truly my FAVS. They are tapered (shorter on the inner corner/flare on the ends) which give a very comfortable fit + look extra flirty. If you’re looking for an easy, every day lash, these are it! The 5 pack is on sale right now for under $10, which puts each pair of lashes at only $2!! Grab these while you can. You know I’m ordering in BULK.


5. Lash Glue- No Lashes Left Behind

Duo Clear Lash Glue- This is THE GLUE. Dries quickly + clear. It’s white upon application, so you can see where you are applying it to the lash band. And it’s WATERPROOF.


I like to apply a dot to the back of my hand [sanitize your hand first] + run the lash band through it to apply an even layer of glue. The warmth of your hand will transfer to the glue + help with a faster application. Wait 20 seconds after applying the glue to the lash band before applying the lash to your lash line. [ I will do an entire post dedicated to lash application. PROMISE.] I have applied THOUSANDS [seriously] of pairs of lashes + this will always be my GO-TO glue.

**Disclaimer- this IS latex based. For a latex free option I LOVE the Tarte Tarteist Pro Lash Adhesive.


6. Tweezers!

Coco’s Closet Tweezers- These were a random Amazon find + now I have 4 pairs. Haha. I LOVE these for false lash application. They have a grip pad which keeps them from slipping + makes grabbing the lashes, so EASY. They are stainless steel, so you can soak them in alcohol to keep them squeaky clean. The slanted tip really helps with precision application. And they work great for their obvious purpose, tweezing those rouge hairs! For under $10, these are a steal! 



L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara Carbon Black- It’s SO black. It’s SO buildable. It’s SO WATERPROOF. It is the PERFECT mascara to prep lashes with BEFORE applying false eyelashes. Yes, you should ABSOLUTELY be applying mascara PRIOR to false lashes. It gives the falsies a better base to adhere too + it helps them look thicker + more natural. I also apply a second coat of this once falsies have been applied, to really SEAL THE DEAL. Did I mention how WATERPROOF this stuff is? I trust this on any emotional Mother of the Bride, any day of the week. That says it ALL. 


8. Face Primer- It’s ALL About The Prep

Lorac- I’m So Sensitive Face Primer- This primer is a MUST- HAVE for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s oil, silicone, paraben + fragrance FREE!  It’s loaded with antioxidants, vitamins + plant extracts to soothe + smooth the skin. It’s water-based formula is ULTRA gentle + leaves the skin silky + primed for makeup. Highly recommend for acne prone skin too.


Lorac POREfection Mattifying Face Primer- Where my oily girls at?! I LOVE this primer for normal-oily skin types! It’s infused with salicylic acid + Vitamins A, C, E to smooth fine lines + wrinkles while keeping shine at bay. It’s oil. paraben + fragrance FREE which means it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth + gives a matte/ shine free finish. I LOVE this primer for LONG LASTING makeup! 


9. Setting Spray- Set it + Forget it Babe!

Morphe Continuous Setting Spray- This is the product you never knew you NEEDED. Until now. I have used TONS of different setting sprays + they don’t compare to this one. First of all, it smells DELICIOUS. I have NO idea what they put in it to make it smell so good, but KEEP IT COMING. It sets any makeup application + helps prevent makeup meltdown. It’s radiant finish softens powders, leaving your skin feeling refreshed + looking oh so GLOWY. Glowy, NOT shiny. Best of all, it’s ONLY $16! I cannot wait for you to try this baby!


10. My SECRET WEAPON Brush Cleaner

Cinema Secrets Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner- Your search for the BEST makeup brush cleaner is over. This stuff is ACTUAL MAGIC. It gets the most STUBBORN foundations/shadows/liners out in seconds without drying out your brushes. It keeps brushes squeaky clean in-between clients, which is top priority for me. I have so many clients who cannot figure out why they keep breaking out + lots of times it’s from oil/bacteria build up from not cleaning your brushes! [Yuck]. This brush cleaner kills bacteria [which causes breakouts]. It’s the BEST daily brush cleaner on the planet. Hands down. I apply a little to a cloth + wipe my brush back + forth until there’s no more residue coming off. Then I do one more swipe for good measure. Nothing replaces a good brush washing [shampoo your brushes 1x per week for a deep clean]. But this is great for daily cleansing. Yes. YOU NEED IT. 



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If you’ve been following me for awhile now you know my beauty obsession is REAL. On set + at home. I only recommend products I use + LOVE! I am SO excited to be able to share some of my favorites with you guys all in one place! Yay for the first official CMG Blog post!

Wishing you lots of love, laughs + lipstick

Xx Rachel

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